Sora AI Video

This video is made with Sora text-to-video model.

Native Foreign is an Emmy-nominated creative agency from Los Angeles, California specializing in brand storytelling, motion and title design, and generative AI workflows. Co-Founder Nik Kleverov, who is using Sora “to visualize concepts and rapidly iterate on creative for brand partners,” suggests that budgetary restraints no longer have to entirely shape the narrative of creativity. “I’m one of those creatives that thinks in motion, so when I’m in Sora it really feels like I can bring any idea to life.”

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Starting his career at DreamWorks Animation, Don Allen III is a multidisciplinary creator, speaker and consultant who collaborates with major tech and entertainment companies on mixed reality, virtual reality and AI applications. “For a long time I've been making augmented reality hybrid creatures that I think would be fun combinations in my head. Now I have a much easier way of prototyping the ideas before I fully build out the 3-D characters to place in spatial computers.” Don cites Sora’s “weirdness” as its greatest strength: “It’s not bound by traditional laws of physics or conventions of thought.” He says that working with Sora shifted his focus from “technical hurdles to pure creativity…unlocking a world of instant visualization and rapid prototyping.” At the same time, Don says “I feel like this allows me to focus more of my time and energy in the right places… and the emotional impact that I would like my characters to have.”